Aloception is a Software Vision Sensor providing the essential camera-based solution to address the challenges of the future of mobility.

Embedded on a stereo camera, Aloception detects essential components of a scene necessary for the navigation of the robot. It provides 3D scene understanding in a Bird’s-Eye View (BEV) for autonomous and/or assisted mobility.

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The BEV is an enriched representation of a navigable scene. All essential information to navigate through an environment is concentrated into one single output:

  • Freespace

  • Static obstacles

  • Dynamic obstacles

  • Laser Scan

  • and more valuable information (depth map, point cloud…)

On-Camera AI & On-Board AI

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Whether your vision system relies on an embedded computing board or an all-in-one camera system, our software vision sensor is your solution.

Aloception can adapt to a variety of camera sensors (stereo-based) and hardware setups.


Tested on Linux, Aloception can be interfaced in your project using either UDP, ROS, custom protocol or directly from Python.

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More about Aloception

Watch the capabilities of Aloception in various environments: